Creativity and an innate ability to resource have always been a part of Pop Up Party founder Sylvia’s life. Based out of Beverly Hills, her taste and ability is what has kept her known within the industry as the “go to girl“ to create extraordinary experiences.

Whether designing enticing window displays, planning special events for luxury brands, or producing a destination celebration for a high-profile client, she has established the ability to leave an everlasting impression.

For years, Sylvia’s clients have asked “Where’d you get this?” or “How’d you make that?” She was intrigued by what seemed to come so naturally to her may not be such an easy task for others with the daily distractions of a busy life. 

With this in mind, she set out to simplify the party planning process, essentially providing others the fun and gratification of being your own successful party planner.

Today, Sylvia surrounds herself with a talented creative team to assemble and develop sophisticated and unique party themes. These curated collections include American and European-designed party goods, clever favors, and hand-crafted gifts created by artisans from around the globe. At Pop Up Party everything is offered for you to be able to relax, not stress, and enjoy the role of the impeccable host.